A New Era of Geopolitical Risk

The developing and complex global geopolitical situation affects energy companies in ways it never has before. Energy companies must incorporate geopolitical risk into operations and investment decisions to increase resiliency and insulate against geopolitical uncertainty.

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River Basin LLC was formed at a time when three significant global changes were underway. The energy transition was gaining momentum based on the threat of climate change and a groundswell of popular support. Strategic competition was taking center stage in geopolitics and reshaping the global business landscape. The complexity of tackling all three concurrently is a new frontier for stakeholders.


Addressing climate change is the most urgent issue facing all of us. It is also a threat to national security that is often undervalued or misunderstood.

Geopolitical Risk

Strategic competition in a globalized world make the geopolitical landscape more complex than ever. This complexity presents to new risks for energy companies.

Energy Transition

Building and maintaining energy security during the transition to renewables is critical for our wellbeing, as well as our ability to share energy with others.

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Why “The Trifecta”? Three hard situations are occurring at the same time: climate change, the energy transition, and evolution of the global geopolitical landscape. Each situation is challenging on its own. The complexity increases dramatically when taken together, where each affects the others.

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